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Since 1995 Volant has been on the cutting edge of air-intake system development. Constantly testing and searching for better ways to deliver more air to your engine, Volant has managed to deliver many industry firsts. This innovative spirit coupled with their dedication for performance has propelled Volant to the head of the air-intake class. Volant was the first company to develop the sealed air-filter box. This technology has since been employed by every other filter maker and represents only the beginning of Volant's innovations. Other Volant firsts include using materials that resist heat and reduce noise levels while delivering all the power you expect. 

Volant dyno-tests and custom tunes each one of their products. No guesswork is employed here-Volant is committed to supplying the most extensively tested products on the market. Knowing that not all air filters and intakes are created equal, Volant strives to supply you with the best air flow accessories available. When you're ready to go with the innovator, Volant is your only choice. Volant has proven for over a decade that they lead the way in quality assurance and massive power gains. 

  • Bolster horsepower, torque and even MPG with the Volant Cold Air Intake System
  • Harness all of your engine's horsepower and torque with the Volant Exhaust System
  • Custom-designed for your specific car, truck or SUV
  • Stainless-steel marine-grade clamps withstand engine heat and the elements
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