Shipping & Returns

We want you happy with your purchase and will work with customers to ensure that what you receive is what you want. Our staff is available before the sale to answer any questions you have to ensure you get the right part the first time.

To request a return authorization, please E-mail (​), Use the RMA Form below, or phone us at 877-609-6727 with detailed information. Once submitted, our staff will provide you with further information and instructions specific to your return situation.


  • Return Policy -Returns will be accepted up to 30 days after the original delivery date.
    -Returns may be subject to a restocking fee at the discretion of NEAA or the manufacturer.
    -All items are to be returned in NEW, unused condition and in the original packaging. Items showing sign of installation, modification, damage, scratched or defaced are not acceptable returns and will be denied. The customer will be responsible for the cost of shipping those rejected goods back to them.
  • Refund or Exchange Amounts Regardless of "Free Shipping", the cost to ship the original order to the customer will be deducted from the return.
  • RMA Request Form Click here to access our RMA form
  • Refused Shipments Refused shipments are subject to the same policies as any other return. If a customer refuses a shipment, they will be charged original shipping (regardless of "free shipping"), as well as the cost of the return shipment. Unclaimed shipments and returned shipments due to nondelivery are also subject to these terms.
  • Part Applications & Vehicle Fitment We strive for the vehicle fitment and information on our site to be as accurate as possible, therefore the data we utilize is provided by the manufacturer of those products. It is also, however, the responsibility of the customer to do their own due diligence when making a purchase - especially when it comes to model and submodel variations. Should you have any doubt or question the applications we have listed please don't hesitate to contact NEAA or the manufacturer for verification of fitment. Issues that arise from inaccurate or incomplete application descriptions will be dealt with on a per-situation basis at the discretion of NEAA.

    If there is an issue with fitment of the item you purchased we suggest first calling either the manufacturer's technical help department or ours. Most return requests are due to confusion on the installation of products.

    It is the responsibility of the customer/installer to verify the correct fitment and/or vehicle application before starting installation. We also suggest making sure every piece and component of your purchase is in-hand before beginning your project.
  • Electronic & Engine Internal Components We will not accept any returns of installed electronic components unless there is a manufacturer defect. In that case, the customer can send the item back for a replacement of the exact same item. No refunds will be given in this case, and the customer is responsible for all shipping charges. Electrical merchandise returns and issues will be handled in Warranty situations only. Engine Internal components simply cannot be returned under any condition due to their fragile nature.
  • Damaged Shipments If a shipped order arrives with obvious damage, customer is to call Never Enough Auto, or the shipper and file a damage claim. The shipper is responsible for reimbursement payment for damaged goods. Do not install the item! Do not discard the packaging! If you do, you may be forfeiting the ability to make a claim.
  • Order Cancellation To cancel ANY order, please contact a customer service representative as soon as possible IN PERSON Monday-Friday 9am-6pm EST at 877-609-6727. Orders CANNOT be canceled by email or voice mail. If an order is canceled before it has shipped but after the credit card has been charged, a 10% order processing fee may be assessed depending on the situation and order at the digression of NEAA. Orders canceled prior to credit card charging are not subject to this fee. See “Merchandise Return” above before returning an item after it has shipped.
  • Order Error If merchandise not ordered has been received, please E-mail or call us at 877-609-6727 with complete details. Never Enough Auto will investigate this and work with you to appropriately resolve the situation.
  • Please note If the item returned to Never Enough Auto or one of our manufacturers/distributors is found in violation of the above conditions, it will be the responsibility of the customer to pay for the shipping of the returned item back to them should the claim be denied.

    These policies are in place so we can help you resolve issues quickly when they do happen. Please know that we believe in doing the right thing for you, our customer, so please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns about these policies.