Never Enough Auto Accessories Team

At Never Enough Auto we are not just another website... we are real people working for you. Listed below are the points of contact that many of our customers interact with. Besides these folks there is a additional half dozen or so other support staff members who ensure that our day to day operations run smoothly.

  • Scott Nauman Scott Nauman Sales & Data Department

    Car crazy since first Hot Rod subscription at 7 years old. If it has wheels and an engine, odds are he'll probably like it. "Chevy guy til I die." Scott joined our team in 2013 after 2 years at GM-Medium Duty/Volvo Truck in parts department, almost 10 years in account sales at Keystone, 3 years retail sales/customer service at another online retailer.

    Outside of the shop: Scott likes working on cars, taking anything apart and putting it back together. In addition he enjoys watching NASCAR and NHRA racing, NFL and spending time being "Uncle Scotty" with his niece and three nephews.

    Current Vehicles: 2004 Grand Am GT

  • Jennifer Page Jennifer Page Customer Service

    Jennifer is our Customer Service & Returns Manager. Jennifer is very friendly and happy to assist customers no matter what the situation.

    Outside of the shop: Outside of the shop: Jen enjoys music and playing the guitar. Spending time with her family and the outdoors.

    Current Vehicles: Jennifer currently drives a 2010 Ford Flex and a 4" lifted 2000 TJ

  • Jason Myers Jason Myers Website/Data Manager

    Jason is Never Enough Auto's website & data manager. He is the one responsible for all the products you see on the website and makes sure it is available to you as soon as its available to us.

    Outside of the shop: Jason enjoys watching football in the winter (Go-Pack-Go!). Also hanging out with friends and working on cars in his spare time.

    Current Vehicles: 07 Chevy Colorado, 95 Grand Prix GTP

  • Brad Vlastuin Brad Vlastuin Owner

    Having started the business in 2001, Brad continues to be extremely involved in the processes, growth, and development of Never Enough. He is the behind-the-scenes guy keeping the company running.

    Outside of the shop: Brad enjoys being the father of four girls. Always looking for a little peace and quiet, Brad enjoys scuba diving (no phone, computer) and deer hunting (no phone, computer), as well as any time he can spend out on the water.

    Current Vehicles: 05 Ford Excursion Diesel, 1998 TJ Wrangler, 2014 Sanger 237