Local Services

At Never Enough Auto we are not just another website... Located at 161 South Maple, Grant MI 49327 we are also a fully staffed local off-road, installation, service, and speed shop. There's no such thing as a normal day at Never Enough Auto Accessories. At any time there can be a lift kit being installed on a restoration project, wheels and tires being assembled, brake job being performed, Jeep being alignment while another customer is getting a set of nerf bars put on the truck they just drove here from the dealership. We're fortunate to be a busy shop - but we're blessed to be able to work with such wonderful customers doing something we love to do...and our passion shows.

  • Aftermarket Wheels Aftermarket Wheels There's no easier way to change the look of any vehicle than with a set of custom wheels. Never Enough Auto Accessories works with dozens of manufacturers and distributors to give you one of the most extensive selection of wheels available. In addition to that we stock over 1000 wheels in our warehouse here in Grant Michigan. You wont find anyone in the area with a better selection or price.

    Why don't we have the wheels on our website? Aftermarket wheels can be confusing for most people. Bolt patterns, backspacing, offset, budge, finish, diameter and widths....it can be overwhelming. We prefer to work directly with our customers to get them the exact set that meets their needs and budget. Doesn't do you any good to fall in love with a wheel that is on national backorder or isn't made in the offset you require. Give us a call or stop in and let our experienced staff find you the perfect combo to set your vehicle apart from the rest.
  • Product Installation Product Installation You can trust our experienced technicians to install the products we sell. Whether its a suspension lift, cold air intake, or something as simple as a tonneau cover; we work closely with the manufacturers we carry to ensure that we are factory trained, state certified, and perfectly qualified to do it right the first time. If don't feel we have the experience or know-how to do a job correctly, it is our promise to our customers that we will be upfront about this and decline the opportunity to do that work for a customer.
    We'll practice on our rigs, not yours.
  • Window Tinting Window Tinting Whether you're trying to keep the temperature down in your car or you just want a little privacy, Never Enough Auto Accessories would be happy to put together a tint package that meets your needs.

    Benefits of Window Tinting:
    Protects your car interior sunlight
    Better security for your belongings
    Driver and Passenger comfort
    Keeps your vehicle cooler
    Protects the eyes of your little ones
    It just looks great
  • Tire Services Tire Services Never Enough Auto Accessories works with a dozen distributors so we have one of the largest selections around for new tires. We have made the investment in state of the art mounting and balancing equipment. From the family minivan to a set of 24x14's wrapped in 37" mud tires - we can handle it all.

    Tire installation
    Tire rotation
    Tire balancing
    Check up and maintenance
    Wide selection of new brand name tires
  • Suspension Upgrades Suspension Upgrades Its no secret that Never Enough Auto Accessories installs a lot of lift kits on trucks and Jeeps. We've even done lifts on a few "donks", golf carts, side by sides, and even a Camaro or two. What most people dont know is that we also do lowering kits, and general suspension repairs. Whether you need a new set of shocks or a full Long-Arm setup, we would be more than happy to help you.

    Huge selection of brands
    Knowledgeable sales staff
    More inventory than anyone else in the area
    Experienced installers
  • EFI Live Tuning EFI Live Tuning Looking to get the most out of your diesel pickup? Wanting to optimize the modifications you've already made? Needing to dial in the transmission to better sync with the engine? Never Enough Auto Accessories has the ability to load EFI Live tunes as well as data-logging.

    Real-time feedback using data-logging
    Ability to have custom tunes written
    Sync your transmission with the engine
    Simple upgrades and tweaks
    Optimize existing modifications
    Power and mileage increase
    Safer for your modified diesel truck
  • Brake Services Brake Services Getting your brakes checked thoroughly is not only an important part of regular vehicle maintenance, it’s ensures your personal safety and the safety of others. The brake system on your car, truck or SUV should be regularly inspected by a qualified auto repair specialist. Never Enough Auto Accessories makes automotive safety our top priority and offers dependable brake repair, parts and installation for protection and peace of mind.

    We install high quality brake systems and parts that meet the highest industry standards. Drop in or give us a call concerning any inquiries you have. We will happily discuss brake service packages, deals, promos and warranty plans with you.
  • Alignments Alignments Wheel alignment is an important automotive maintenance procedure that is often overlooked or dismissed despite its many cost effective benefits. In fact it is one of the best ways to extend the life of your tires and vehicle! Allowing you to drive safely in any kind of weather without the fear of hydroplaning or losing control of your car. Our specialists adjust the angles of your tires according to the manufacturer’s specifications and provide both four wheel and front wheel alignments. Ideally, the tires on your vehicle should be inspected and aligned every 10,000 miles or more frequently if you regularly come across potholes or drive on uneven roads.

    If you're looking to have your vehicle aligned, we'd love to help you. From your standard alignment to dialing in your Long-Arm lift or 4Link Suspension - we have the top of the line alignment equipment to get your suspension dialed in correctly.