Wheels & Tires

There's no easier way to change the look of any vehicle than with a set of custom wheels. Never Enough Auto Accessories works with dozens of manufacturers and distributors to give you one of the most extensive selection of wheels available. In addition to that we stock over 1000 wheels in our warehouse here in Grant Michigan. You wont find anyone in the area with a better selection or price.

Why don't we have the wheels on our website? Aftermarket wheels can be confusing for most people. Bolt patterns, backspacing, offset, budge, finish, diameter and widths....it can be overwhelming. We prefer to work directly with our customers to get them the exact set that meets their needs and budget. Doesn't do you any good to fall in love with a wheel that is on national backorder or isn't made in the offset you require. Give us a call, stop in to the store, or fill out the form below and let our experienced staff find you the perfect combo to set your vehicle apart from the rest.